The CAMHS specialist training scheme is overseen by Training Programme Director (TPD), Dr Celia McElwee.

The TPDs are supported by educational supervisors who have general oversight of trainees’ training during the time they are on the scheme and routinely meet with trainees at least four times a year. The educational supervisors help trainees identify and achieve their learning objectives within the training curriculum and support trainees in pursuing areas of special interest when appropriate.  The scheme is managed by Layth Humsi (Head of Medical Education) and Titilayo Akintoye (Medical Education Manager) who are based at St Charles Hospital.

We hope the information has helped, and if there is anything else you are curious about, we would be happy to be contacted via email. Please see contact information for the current trainee reps below.

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Dr Agnieszka Strzelczak
Dr Shuo Zhang