What is the Collingham Child and Family Centre?

  • Collingham Child and Family Centre is a place where children and families come when they are feeling stuck and need help with their problems. It is a place that helps children with difficulties at home or school or both.
  • Children come to the centre with all sorts of problems which might be similar or different from the problems you might have in your own life.
  • Some examples of problems include: problems with behaviour; problems with getting on with your family, other adults and other children; problems with eating, sleeping or concentrating; difficulties with learning: feeling very sad, anxious or worried.
  • Collingham has lots of adults working there. These include doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, social workers, family therapists and other therapists.
  • Children stay in the centre from Monday to Friday and go home at weekends. Most children stay for a few months.
  • Collingham Child and Family Centre is in the centre of London in a place called Kensington. It is a nice area and there is a lot to see and do nearby. The Centre has a garden and a play area and there is a minibus so that children can go out on trips.