We understand that there are many challenges faced by our partners around the world, and while many of the underlying themes may be similar, all our clients require and deserve solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

That is why the start of our process of working with you is to understand and review the situation from your point of view. This enables us to provide a specific programme that will meet and exceed your requirements.

We can review policy at a strategic level across a whole healthcare system, or in more specifically targeted areas. We analyse, identify, design, and implement practical solutions in a range of areas such as infrastructure and buildings, clinical models, workforce, leadership skills, monitoring, governance and IT. On the clinical side our models of care span the whole pathway from prevention, through acute hospital settings, to mental and community services, and include specialist areas such as addictions/gambling and HIV.

Once the analysis and planning is completed, we will continue to work closely with you through the design and implementation phase to ensure that between us we can ‘make it happen’ on the ground. Our unique level of oversight and practical support ensures that the delivery phase, often the most difficult area, can be successfully achieved.

Embedded in the whole process is a system of continual review and evaluation to ensure changes are both sustainable at a local level and up-to-date with the latest developments.

Whatever approach we need to take, we aim to ensure you can deliver the highest quality care possible in the most cost effective manner

One of the key areas to help implement the changes identified is in the training and development of your staff – your teams need to be provided with the right skill mix to run your high quality services.

CNWL are a lead provider of education and offer accredited undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in a wide range of specialities (including psychiatry, sexual health, paediatrics and care of the elderly) in conjunction with UK universities. We are also a founding partner of the Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences.

We can offer tailored training packages for both clinical and management teams, using the most appropriate training platforms for you. You can choose from:

  • An extensive range of training for nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare support staff which can either be delivered locally or in the UK
  • Training delivered in the UK with an option of onsite observation and mentoring 
  • Training delivered in your country
  •  “Train the trainer” enabling you to directly lead local training yourself
  •  E-learning or distance learning on a select range of topics.