Posted on: 18 September 2020

A question was asked about the success of Nile Ward (at St Charles Hospital) and how they reduced the incidence of violence . We said we’d provide more information.
Nile ward have implemented a number of change ideas which have contributed to the reduction of restrictive interventions.

These include:

  • A daily risk assessment tool to assess patients’ risk of violence and aggression and signpost appropriate interventions to safely manage the risk.
  • A brand new staff photo board with new photos of all permanent and bank staff, which is a colourful display with no hierarchy of positions.
  • A new patient feedback board which invites comments and feedback from patients.
  • A mutual expectations board, displayed in the communal areas of the ward provides a mutually agreed list of expectations for both staff and patients.
  • Gardening sessions have been introduced, to provide a safe, socially distanced space for patients to be involved in growing and caring for the Nile Ward garden.
  • There is now increased focus on physical activity through garden fitness sessions and 1-1 fitness sessions in the gym. This was a change idea Nile started during the lockdown. These sessions take place throughout the day with a fitness instructor, thereby enabling patients to focus on their physical health & fitness.