Posted on: 25 November 2020

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)  is running two campaigns this promoting the importance of trying to reduce accidents at home.

They are focused on Fall Prevention and have launched a new information hub with free online strength and balance sessions for people to access online. They are also offering targeted support to reduce accidents at home involving children.

Visit their website to find out more.

Johanne Watson, Chief  Physiotherapist at CNWL is encouraging everyone to read about the campaigns this season.

Johanne said: “Every year there are 6,000 deaths from accidents in the home in the UK. With people spending more time at home because of the pandemic this is likely to rise. Accidents don’t have to happen. We can make a difference to our patients and service users by giving them information to keep safe at home. By giving people safety information you can prevent the ‘if only’ sentence or ‘If only I had known, it would never have happened’. Prevent an accident, you could save a life."