3 January 2019

Jane Young, already our lead bladder and bowel nurse becomes a Nurse Consultant from today, Thursday 3 January 2019.

Jane joins our other Nurse Consultants who provide clinical expertise in tissue viability, diabetes, end of life and now bladder and bowel care.

Helen Willetts, the Director of Nursing for this part of CNWL, says, “I’m very pleased about this appointment for three reasons. Bladder and bowel care is a very important and specialised area of nursing care. Its highly sensitive, personal nature means we need specialists who can work with skill and compassion but always with dignity and respect. I’m also pleased because Nurse Consultant roles mean we keep highly skilled nurses in nursing, developing others. The final reason is that Jane is brilliant.”

“Nurse Consultants are leaders in their field, and their remit is the same as that for a consultant doctor, holding responsibility for advanced clinical decisions.  The role requires that they are prescribers, researchers, teachers, expert supervisors and advisers on service developments internally and externally. And good for nurses’ career development.”
Jane says, “Bladder and or bowel dysfunction can affect anyone at any time of their lives and we never have an empty caseload! I have worked in the field of bladder and bowel management almost exclusively since qualifying 25 years ago. I have been with CNWL as team leader for over nine years.

“We provide our service to adults in Hillingdon and Harrow working closely with our community care colleagues and the hospitals to provide a seamless and integrated service from clinics and in people’s homes.”

“I trained in Sheffield and qualified in 1993. I have worked in the commercial sector as a nurse and even had a break from nursing and qualified as a licencee, helping my parents run a gastro pub. I am the eldest of five children and have six nieces and nephews. I commute in from just south of Winchester; but I love the job and work with amazing colleagues who are a pleasure to manage.”

The Nurse consultants are:

  • Luxmi Dhoonmoon, Nurse Consultant Tissue Viability
  • Shantell Naidu, Nurse Consultant Diabetes
  • Maggie Bisset, Nurse Consultant End of Life
  • Jane Young, Nurse Consultant Bladder and Bowel care.