30 July 2021

Yesterday Our CNWL BAME Staff Network hosted an online event, Reflections After Hajj and Eid, facilitated for the very first time.

If you missed the recording you can watch it back here.Reflections of Hajj and Eid - Rizvana

The event was celebrated as part of South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM). Eid Al Adha is the major of the two Eids that is celebrated by Muslims around the world. 

Colleagues came together to share life experiences, and personal stories of how CNWL staff have performed their Hajj, as well as how they celebrated the joyous event of Eid Al Adha.Rizvana, Sher Banu and Fatma - Reflections of Hajj .png

Rizvana Ahmed, Fatma Pirmohamed and Sher Banu, Co-Hosts of the event discussed with staff how they managed to celebrate Eid during the pandemic and the Covid lockdowns, with an interactive presentation and quiz.Varsha - SAHM

The CNWL BAME Staff Network will be running one more event: Health Talk on Diabetes and Long-term conditions 

Alarmingly, South Asian people who live in the UK are up to six times more likely to have diabetes than the white population, and with diabetes prevalence in England predicted to increase by 47 per cent by 2025, the condition will continue to have a considerable impact on South Asian communities across the UK, including staff at CNWL.

The session will be led by Bal Sandhu (Lead for Diabetes) and Jennifer Becker (K&C IAPT team) on Thursday 5 August 2021 at 4pm to 5pm.

If you would like to join, CNWL staff can visit Trustnet or email cnw-tr.bame.cnwl@nhs.net