7 January 2022

CNWL is building on its quality improvement experience over the last four years to introduce an Improvement Academy for the Trust.

In its launch video Dr Cornelius Kelly, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Sponsor for the Academy, said:

“We want to position the Trust as a leader and preferred partner in improvement across the sector and possibly nationally. This approach is grounded in science using data for improvement and we’ve made big strides in that over the last couple of years. We believe it will deliver better care for patients which is what we’re all here to do.”

View the film below or here (opens link)

As we move into this new chapter, we’re also reflecting on 2021 with some of the milestones and highlights of the fourth year of our quality Improvement programme in this summary document here (opens link)

While continuing to use the Model for Improvement as the Trust’s main approach to improvement, the Academy will look to support wider improvement initiatives such as using improvement science to make process improvements, using lean methodologies, experience-based co-design, collaborative improvement programmes, systematic reviews, and much more.

The new education programme offers a wide range of training to staff from entry level quality improvement to more specialist training and the Trust will expand on its Improvement Academy honorary members and look to support wider improvement initiatives across the Trust and externally.

The new look website offers more details on the Improvement Academy and is the go-to place for all Academy news and information. It also gives quick access on how to book training.

The vision for the next four years is to have:

  • A workforce that has the knowledge, skills and confidence to continually strive for safety, improvement and excellence throughout CNWL
  • Improvement work as part of the DNA of the organisation
  • An improvement network focused on delivering better health and safer services
  • The ability to provide improvement expertise and training both internally and externally and provide income generation for the Trust
  • Improvement Awards to celebrate successful improvement work
  • An Improvement Fund to award funding to innovative improvement initiative
  • Silent business (corporate) processes
  • A strong reputation as a leader in improvement work not only in London but nationally and internationally
  • Numerous publications and posters evidencing our successful improvement work
  • The status as being the preferred partner when it comes to improvement initiatives across the sector.

Find out more on the Improvement Academy website here (opens link)

The Improvement Academy Prospectus will be out soon on the website too.