16 July 2021

Alcohol-related presentations to CNWL addiction services increased significantly during the pandemic, according to an initial review of findings.

The rise is in line with a national finding by Public Health England (PHE), which yesterday published a report showing that alcoholic liver deaths increased by 21% during the pandemic.

Dr Jeffrey Fehler, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director of our Addictions Directorate, said that in CNWL alcohol-related presentations increased significantly (and disproportionately when compared to other substances) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “This has particularly been the case in West London where we’ve seen higher levels of alcohol consumption in the population, mainly due to job losses and high numbers of furloughed staff. 

“Our own initial data also demonstrates that alcohol-related hospital admissions and deaths increased as a result of the pandemic, exacerbating a well-established trend that we had already been concerned about.”