3 August 2020

Rashda Rana SC (Senior Counsel), a commercial lawyer for almost 30 years, working in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and other parts of Asia, has been appointed a Non Executive Director of CNWL.

As well as being a barrister (and since 2019 legal consultant at the Kier group), Rashda established the Alliance for Equality in Dispute Resolution, a not-for-profit organisation which stands for increased diversity and equality of opportunity regardless of sex, location, nationality, ethnicity or age in that profession. She has been a Professor of Law at Sydney University and currently is on the Board of Governors at London South Bank University.

Professor Dorothy Griffiths, Chair of CNWL, said, “Rashda is a valuable addition to the Board and was the outstanding candidate.”

Rashda said, “I am very committed to equality, diversity and inclusion; particularly in the context of equality of opportunity and access to better health care services and equality of treatment for all patients and our workforce.”

“My main motivation for pursuing this role is that health and healthcare, both physical and mental, comprises one of the three pillars by which I measure the safety, health and prosperity of a society – equal access to education; equal treatment in the workplace, and health and healthcare for all according to their needs.”

“I am a keen advocate of high quality governance as a means of improving trust, integrity and investment in health science systems.”

Rashda holds dual British and Australian nationality.

Non Executive Directors hold the Executive Directors to account and the Council of Governors appoints the Non Executive Directors. Rashda was appointed at the Council’s meeting on 30 July; her term of office starts on 1 September.