Posted on: 21 April 2020

Staff at CNWL came to work to find that a massive surprise delivery had been made to the Trust.

DSC_0506.jpg29 boxes were delivered, with a hand written scribble on one box saying ‘CBRN Green Watch’, followed by a heart symbol and signed off by LFB (London Fire Brigade - Lambeth). 

The boxes were filled with protective face shields (part of PPE) for NHS staff on the frontline, fighting against the COVID-19 virus.

Further investigation into the generous mystery donation found that the face shields were made by a group called ShieldNHS, described as “a team of medics, engineers and designers working on a voluntary basis for no profit to address the national shortage of face shields.”

DSC_0510.jpgClaire Murdoch, CNWL Chief Executive sent a heartfelt thanks to the London Fire Brigade in Lambeth.

“I want to thank the kind hearted firefighters from the Green Watch and Red Watch LFB Lambeth, for this generous donation! I’m really blown over by their kindness, and to the group Shield NHS for making these for the NHS. We will use it wisely and it will help us to protect our staff who are on the frontline, working hard to care for our patients.”

Alison Butler, CNWL Associate Director of CNWL’s PPE Hub, said:

“I was amazed to receive this wonderful donation on Saturday and to read the lovely messages on the sides of the boxes. We really welcome the donation and have already begun distributing the face shields to our staff.”

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