Posted on: 19 October 2022

A new prospectus launches today offering a variety of training options for staff and partners interested in learning more about quality improvement.

The new educational programme will assist staff in starting their own improvement project, support those leading teams in delivering a project and ultimately train them to coach others in the methodology if staff wish to work towards level four training. Many of these training programmes are also available for external partners and stakeholders too.

Alison Butler, Director of Improvement and Lead for the CNWL Improvement Academy, said

“The teaching is designed to help you develop your improvement knowledge and skills and become an enquiring and independent critical thinker. You’ll learn how to define problems and how to go about finding the answers – skills that are highly valued in the NHS. We give you, teaching by real experts, all qualified in improvement methodologies and with a strong track record of delivering improvement. You’ll find their passion and enthusiasm will rub off on you.

“You’ll get the chance to take part in improvement work that will transform your working life and the quality of the services you. You’ll benefit from some of the best teaching and coaching on offer and you will be supported every step of the way.

The Academy’s work is grounded in improvement science, incorporates data collection, clinical science and system theory. All of the courses encourage staff to understand the link between academic study and applying that to day to day working life. Those who take up the courses will engage with clinical (and non-clinical) issues and gain an understanding of its wider organisational impact and develop the skills and attributes to help prepare themselves for future success in their improvement work.

Download the prospectus here.

Inside you’ll discover what the Improvement Academy has to offer you. You’ll learn what our graduates have achieved and what our students say about our courses.

The structured education programme will contribute to the development of a culture of continuous improvement within CNWL, where staff at all levels have the confidence to highlight areas for improvement and then have the skills, knowledge and support to be able to implement those improvements. Central to this work is Expert by Experience (EbE) involvement in all our improvement work.

Find out more about the courses on our how to book training page