Posted on: 29 March 2023

Stakeholders for the new Statutory Team Enabling Pathways (STEP) Service gathered for a virtual event on Monday 27 March ahead of its launch in April.

Sitting within the Joint Homelessness Team (JHT), STEP will work closely with people in Westminster’s rough sleeping pathway who have mental health problems but who do not meet the threshold for involvement from the JHT or other similar services.

STEP is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of:

  • Two nurses
  • A social worker
  • A peer support/recovery worker
  • A part-time psychiatrist
  • A part-time psychologist
  • Sessions from an occupational therapist
  • Sessions from a speech and language therapist

Many of the people referred to STEP will have a combination of complex health problems, including trauma, brain injury, substance use, neuro diverse conditions and learning difficulties, as well as any number of other physical issues that, when added together, make them especially vulnerable.

The service will be jointly delivered by CNWL’s JHT and Addictions directorate, the City of Westminster and SLAM (South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust).

It will support people who might make regular unplanned contacts with the NHS and criminal justice system, often generating safeguarding concerns and leaving services feeling powerless to make useful and meaningful interventions.

Making sure these people don’t continue to fall through the gaps requires a holistic approach.

In the initial assessment, clinicians will explore areas such as the patient’s background, accommodation status, medical history and hopes/ambitions to formulate which treatments will best meet their needs. 


STEP launches officially on 3 April 2023 and will welcome referrals from:

  • Homeless outreach services in Westminster (SOS, SET, SIT) 
  • Homeless day centres 
  • Homeless GP 
  • EASL, Assessment Centres, Neighbouring Homeless Mental Health (FOCUS/START) 
  • Drug and alcohol services in Westminster 
  • Accommodation Providers 
  • Psychology in Hostels (including Homeless Neuropsychology Pathway)  

For further information about the service, please contact