Posted on: 1 July 2021

CNWL Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Shikha Mahera, has written an article featured in the AGILITY Journal, a national publication for physiotherapists working with older people. The journal is published by AGILE, a recognised professional network of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Overcoming self-doubts and challenges when she began her role as a mental health physiotherapist four years ago, the article discusses her journey within an older adult unit and the learnings she achieved. Shikha details her strong responsibility to the profession and shares best practice for others who may be settling in to similar roles.

The article reads:

“I realised that I could not be a quitter. The patients definitely needed physiotherapy services. I had trained to be a physiotherapist to make a difference to people’s health, not just physical but mental too.

“I have realised that to work in this setting more than anything else I needed skills to provide emotional support, reassurance, active listening and patience. There is a need to understand that a patient’s life histories and interests provide key opportunities to keep them active.

“The positive changes my role has brought into my patients’ lives gives me immense satisfaction and the strength to continue my journey.”

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