Posted on: 22 March 2021

Dr Griffiths and team.jpgCNWL’s Consultant Physiotherapist Dr Stephanie Griffiths, has secured funding worth £50,000 to develop a single assessment model for patients referred for complex rehabilitation. 

The award came from Health Education England’s Transformation Fellowship Fund which aims to help clinicians transform clinical services.

The aim is for this new advanced assessment model to be multi-disciplinary so that patients who have multiple care needs can be seen by a single therapist.

It could save time and effort for patients and mean clinicians could improve efficiency.

The model could start being developed, tested and operated this Spring by Ealing Community Partners’ Community Rehabilitation Team. The idea is for this model to slot in alongside a new Covid-19 pathway also being developed for people in the community. 

Dr Griffiths said: “Many community services are still operating in silos mainly around professional or specialty specific boundaries but with an aging population we are seeing increasingly complex patients with multiple co-morbidities, which means they need to see several different specialists.

“Being a specialist is a good thing, you want people to have been trained in depth in their field, but for this model we want to develop someone with additional skills in multiple areas as well as their core discipline.

“This will be advantageous for patients at the beginning of their journey into our services who currently need advice from several different specialists, need signposting to multiple services or who need more help in coordinating a care package”.

“A key outcome for the project will be to develop a training package for all the other clinicians in the rehab team”.

“This should be truly transformational for patients and therapists alike, this is about having the vision and commitment to test a new and innovative approach.”

Dr Griffiths is in the centre of this group photo of her and her team.