Posted on: 11 March 2024

Hillingdon’s Stop Smoking Service will continue to be delivered by CNWL for the next five years; contributing to the reduction of smoking in the borough and helping local communities to live healthier lives.

CNWL will provide expert advice, information and most importantly, support people who want to stop smoking. Our free stop smoking support is available for e-cig users too.

We will also offer training to professionals and volunteers to offer stop smoking support in the community. The service is available for anyone living, or has a GP in the Borough.

As part of the contract, the CNWL Tobacco Task Force Group has been established, working towards the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan for a smoke free England by 2030, and strengthen the role of the NHS alongside partner organisations.

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The NHS Long Term Plan requires services to:

  • Screen every patient admitted to identify smokers
  • Offer smoking cessation support and treatment from a tobacco dependency advisor to all smokers who use our services
  • Access to appropriate nicotine replacement therapy or pharmacotherapy
  • Agree a personalised plan to support them quit smoking tobacco, whilst in contact with NHS services and beyond
  • Submit NHS tobacco dependence treatment data for patients

CNWL Smoke-Free Policy

One of the first priorities for the Tobacco Task Force Group has been to review the Trust’s Smoke-Free Policy. The policy is a vital part of the wider framework of tobacco control, implemented alongside integrated, treatment pathways and staff training to enhance mental health recovery.

You can view the policy at the links below:

During this process, the group will continue to consult and support staff. They are keen to gain an understanding of the work happening in our wards and any challenges with the implementation of the Tobacco Dependency Treatment Plan.

There will be additional online sessions to support staff and offer guidance on the policy and implementation.

Further information

If you live in Hillingdon, Camden or Islington and would like help quitting, please click below for more information on how CNWL can help.