Posted on: 25 April 2019

CNWL is working with Imperial College to explore whether we should revise our Care Programme Approach (CPA).

CPA is the way that support services are accessed, planned and coordinated for people with severe mental health problems. It’s been established since 1991 but it has some challenges, and some people have come to see it as too bureaucratic.

We held a workshop earlier this year where professionals, service users and carers discussed the way we carry out the CPA. We looked at East London NHS Foundation Trust’s recent changes to improve their own CPA, and whether we might adapt similar changes as a Trust. Read about the work we’ve been doing on it here.

A task group has been set up to look at the approach’s challenges, what works and how to improve it so it focuses more on patients’ needs.

No changes have been confirmed yet− the task group will decide whether an ELFT-styled CPA revision is appropriate for our Trust.