Posted on: 9 July 2021

CNWL’s Annual Report was laid before Parliament on Wednesday, 7 July and is published on our website today.

We hope you will look through it and we look forward to your views about it at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 09 September, starting at 5pm, and to be held on Zoom.

Please click the link below to join the meeting:

Passcode: 146512

There will be the chance to put questions to the Board of Directors about our performance and plans.

The report covers the financial year 2020 to 2021 and contains our annual accounts, but inevitably is very different to previous annual reports due to the effects of Covid-19; this year there was no expectation on the part of NHS England and NHS Improvement for Trusts to create a Quality Account in time for this Annual Report.

The report itself is dedicated to the memory of the CNWL staff who died during the public health emergency, together with family members, lost to Covid-19 and it is this context that the report must be viewed.

Chair, Prof Dorothy Griffiths OBE, FCGI, said: “Looking back, I am struck by the sheer dedication, commitment and compassion of our staff. There have been times when they had to deal with many unknowns, handling courageously the fear the pandemic sometimes brought for them and their families.

“The staff have delivered a vaccination programme, as well as over 98% taking the vaccine themselves – sometimes in very emotional circumstances – again underlining the strain they have experienced.

“We’re struck by the absolutely fantastic work they did and what a debt of gratitude they are owed for what they all modestly feel is only ‘doing their job’.”

You can download the report by clicking here.