Posted on: 28 May 2021

If you missed the session, you can watch the recording back here.

Over the last year, the CNWL BAME Staff Network has provided numerous open mic sessions to support our staff during these challenging and unprecedented times.

We know that the need for a safe space and a listening ear has never been more important. We know that staff are tired and some are anxious about what more is to come.

Yesterday (Thursday 27 May) the network dedicated their open mic session to the topic of discussing: supporting colleagues who are affected by Covid overseas and at home.

CNWL BAME Staff Network Co-Chairs, Samuel Owiredu and Varsha Dodhia opened the session.

Samuel said: "Over a year ago one case started in China, it felt so distant and away from us, but caught up with us quickly. As a Network we’ve found it important to organise today. We've seen personal tragedies affected by Covid-19, loved ones, colleagues and friends. Today's session is to look at what has been the impact on yourself, friends, and your own work in the Trust.

We want to look at how best we can create a solution to bring us to a place of working side by side."

Varsha added: "The whole world has been caught up in this Covid-19 storm, but we’ve been in different boats, we've all been impacted in a different way. We don’t think it is just one conversation, today is just the start of that."

The session continued with hearing from colleagues sharing their experience on how they've dealt with Covid-19 and the impact on family members.

Dr Srinivasulu Narayana, Specialty Physician working at Mortimer Market reflected on his family in India.

Dr Srinivasulu said: "My parents live in South India, my father became ill on Easter weekend, although he had the two vaccines, a month later he got infected. My father  was well, he had no pre-existing conditions. However he deteriorated and was taken to hospital. By the time I got to India, the day I reached there he was critical, within 24 hours he sadly passed away."

Dr Ryan Kemp spoke about the staff health and wellbeing offers alongside Dr Chloe Schnieder, Clinical Lead for Keeping Well.

Keeping Well is a service for care professionals by care professionals, providing wellbeing and psychological support to all NHS staff, health and social care staff. 

If you have been impacted by Covid-19 and would like to talk about it, you can reach out via the Keeping Well website.