Posted on: 14 September 2023

On 7 September, CNWL’s Home Treatment Team (HTT) presented “Psychosocial Interventions in a London Crisis Team” at the QNCRHTT Annual Forum.  QNCRHTT is the network of accredited HTT and Crisis Teams across UK run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

Harrow HTT presented the different psychosocial interventions available to service users under the care of Harrow HTT. This includes:

  1. Weekly Life Skills Group
  2. Weekly Stabilisation group
  3. Weekly Social Coffee group
  4. Weekly VR sessions
  5. Open Dialogue
  6. OT interventions: 1:1 sessions, Activity planning, Anxiety management, ADL assessments, etc.
  7. Psychology assessments and interventions.

​​​They also presented how they use Trauma-Informed Approaches (TIA) to inform their work as a team, including Team Formulation and Stabilisation. More information about TIA and the CNWL Stabilisation Manual can be found here.

It was a well-received presentation that generated a lot of discussion. The team also took the opportunity to showcase the good work and great working environment here in CNWL and invited other health professionals to visit and work with us.