Posted on: 28 July 2021

PRIDE@CNWL – the Trust’s LGBT+ Staff Network - run regular LGBT+ awareness training for staff in the Trust, as well as dedicated training on how to become an LGBT+ ally.

Recently they were invited to run an external session by Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre following a discussion they had with one of the network’s committee members.

Sofia Venuti, Co Chair of the Network and Anne Power, CNWL’s Staff Network Lead, headed over to run a session that they’d adapted to staff at the centre.

Following the visit Richard Watson, Senior Coach and Equine Trainer, at the centre said:


In February 2021, the Trust became the first to launch Progress Rainbow flags for CNWL staff to wear to indicate they are a safe listening ear for LGBT+ staff, volunteers, patients and carers. You can read more about the reason for changing the flag here.

If CNWL staff would like to request a local training session or some of the new badges get in touch with the network at

The network can occasionally offer external training too and are happy to share ideas with local community groups to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and support.