Posted on: 6 April 2021

Last October, the Trust called on staff to fight fever as part of CNWL’s annual flu campaign; encouraging everyone to have their flu jab.

Last week there was a celebration to thank all the 154 Peer Vaccinators who helped vaccinate staff across the Trust. This year’s celebrations were held virtually but all Peer Vaccinators will receive a certificate as a big thank you.

Helen Willetts, CNWL’s Director of Infection Prevention and Control said, “We know that you are the backbone of delivery for patients and colleagues. Thank you to you all, I hope you know you’ve saved lives by doing this and that is invaluable to us.”

90% of staff from across the Trust had the flu jab by November 2020; the vaccination programme moved fast to allow for the Covid vaccination programme to begin shortly afterwards.

CNWL is one of the top ten Trusts in the country for their staff flu jab uptake rate. The team of local Peer Vaccinators; together with the Infection Prevention and Control Team make a huge difference and help staff access the vaccine at a site local to them.  

Vaccines save lives - Please consider having your Covid-19 vaccine when you are called and remember to have your flu vaccine next winter.

See the Fight Fever video we released as part of last year’s flu campaign.