Posted on: 16 September 2021

To create a more vibrant environment for both staff and patients the Nightingale Project has worked with St Charles Mental Health Unit and commissioned different designers to create bright and colourful spaces on and around the wards.

The Nightingale Projects works with hospitals and health centres to create colourful designs and art pieces to brighten up clinical spaces.

Mike Booker, Head of Inpatient Services at St Charles said, “We are half way through the project and we are hearing positive feedback on these changes, staff telling us they feel they are being taken care of by creating a better environment to work in. Patients have commented on the improvements too; the bland colours being changed creates a more cheerful environment to spend time in. You’ll see it’s not just paint on the walls but on the windows in corridors at St Charles, which looks wonderful when the sun shines in on us!”    

See the colourful changes below: