Posted on: 11 March 2020

A group of ten CNWL colleagues came together for an afternoon celebration yesterday (10 March), to mark the end of the first BAME Transformational Leadership programme.

The programme was created to support Black, Asian Minority Ethnic staff across the Trust who are working in posts at Band 7 and above, with a focus on exploring career opportunities and developing network channels encouraged by senior leadership.


Robyn Doran, CNWL Chief Operating Officer opened the celebatory day and congratulated all the participants for completing the programme.

She said: “You’re all BAME leaders in our Trust, and we’re here to support you. Although the focus and content on this cohort is primarily on the workplace and your careers, we hope the skills, tools and strategies you’ve now developed are transferable to other aspects of your life.”


Claire Murdoch, CNWL Chief Executive echoed Robyn’s praise.

Claire said: “This is a huge achievement for you all, our leaders are from such diversity and with this programme being the first, please be encouraged to study opportunities for yourself because true leadership and success sits in team leaders.”

Participants took part in a group discussion to overall share feedback and reflect thoughts on the programme. Each of them also presented poster ideas to how they felt about completing the course.




The next programme plans on focusing to relaunch the coaching and mentoring scheme, if you would like to learn more about our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion information please visit this page