30 July 2021

Cyrille Tchatchet II, our Physical Health Lead Nurse for Harrow Inpatient and Community Mental Health Teams is competing in the weightlifting 96kg event (Group B) at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday 31st July at 03:50.

Cyrille’s story from weightlifter to Physical Health Lead Nurse is inspiring, he has shown as much strength in physically lifting unimaginable weights as he has done fighting personal mental health battles and supporting others struggling with their mental health. You can read more about his incredible journey here:

Cyrille Tchatchet II, Harrow Physical Health Lead Nurse is heading to the Olympics this summer!

On Monday 2 August CNWL staff can join a Zoom link to record a message that will be shared with Cyrille when he returns home. Please join if you can so we can show the whole of CNWL has been behind his Olympic journey. Staff can look out for the link in Monday’s weekly bulletin.


Carrie Whelan, Harrow Psychotropic Medication and Physical Health Team Manager said, “Myself and the team are sending you huge amounts of luck for Saturday Cyrille and we could not be prouder!”

Whether you watch live in the early hours of the morning or watch the highlights, be sure to cheer and show your support because if everyone in CNWL cheers loud enough Cyrille is bound to hear it in Tokyo.

Good luck Cyrille!