Posted on: 10 March 2020

CNWL marked International Women’s Day (IWD) on Monday 9 March with an event by the Trust’s Women’s Network, launched last year on IWD. 

Trust Chair, Professor Dorothy Griffiths opened the event with Chief Nurse Maria O’Brien, who is executive lead for the network.

Prof Griffiths, said “We each need to think about what we can do to overcome some of the barriers we may face.

“Internalising often goes with our gender and holds us back – the motto I want for all of us this year is to just do it! Don’t’ hold back. There are lots of opportunities at this Trust. Empower yourselves through this network.”

The theme this year is Each for Equal and the day encouraged staff to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions and celebrate women's achievements.


Maria O’Brien, CNWL Chief Nurse said, “77% of our workforce are women and almost all exec leads so you have support from each other to make a difference.

“Take time out to have children, enjoy it, and when you’re ready come back;  talk to us about how you want to progress in your career.”

Guest speaker, Lizzie Beeby from the Learning Works UK, shared her experiences of trying to create a gender equal world. She discussed control and influence and how you can only control yourself but you can have a huge influence on others including through mentoring, talking and choosing your response. She also discussed how women can sometimes get in their own way by being reluctant to celebrate achievements, striving for perfection, perhaps flying solo, minimising things or even people a chronic people pleaser. She stressed the needs to challenge stereotypes and prejudice and celebrate achievements

This was followed by a speech from Lauren Henson (CNWL MK Community Health Services) on her Domestic Abuse survivor story

There was also a short guided meditation and everyone made a pledge of how they can individually support the #EachForEqual campaign.