Posted on: 7 July 2020

CNWL has been committed to grappling with improvement through Coproduction for the last ten years and has many achievements including networks for staff and participation of people using services, their friends and families.

Dr Con Kelly, CNWL Medical Officer has pledged the support and growth of more peer support workers at all levels, within our services.

Watch the short video clip 

He said: “Service users should be integral to quality improvement, and I’ve made it an ambition that 80% of our quality improvement projects will have service users in them from the very beginning.”

Dr Con Kelly #CNWLCoPro

In 2014, the first Peer Support Workers began at St Charles Hospital, and since then the peer workforce has grown to over 90 people.

Con continued: “Service users know more about what works perhaps more than we do. Let’s take the opportunity during this week’s National Coproduction Week to examine our journey so far, invite others on board and see how we can go even further.”

CNWL Co-Production week is running from 6 July to 10 July, we’re encouraging people to submit their pledges to co-production, whats yours?

Follow our hashtag #CNWLCoPro on Twitter to see what we’re up to.