Posted on: 21 January 2019

David Munns, CNWL Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health and HIV has started a newsfeed on Twitter, which can be followed by searching @mentalhealthHIV.

 The feed is an up-to-date information resource for professionals and patients, including current research in the area of mental health and HIV.

David said: 

“The site was developed as the prevalence of mental illnesses in HIV-infected individuals is substantially higher than in the general population. Furthermore, HIV tends to be concentrated in highly vulnerable, marginalized and stigmatized populations. These multiple social determinants predispose patients to depression and anxiety amongst other mental health problems. One of the next challenges is to address these problems head on by raising awareness and education through social media avenues such as Twitter.

“Please follow and pass on to your colleagues and friends to help in the development of this platform and also to promote the importance of good mental health in living with HIV.

“No health without mental health.”