19 February 2021

Today, CNWL’s Recovery and Wellbeing College has published 14 personal stories of hope from trainers and students.

The stories in the 36-page pamphlet, which is available online here, are all deeply personal, inspiring and encouraging.

In her introduction, Peer Recovery Trainer, Willelmina Joseph-Loewenthal, says: "Many people have found that telling their story is an important way of making sense of what has happened and move on.

"Also, it is by sharing our stories that we get to know other people. Many people have found the stories of others who have been in a similar place to be a source of hope, inspiration and encouragement.

"Telling our story is about acknowledging our experiences, witnessing our resilience and celebrating our survival.

"In writing about my recovery journey, the most important aspect was being allowed the space to write it and having people who know me, read it and not judge nor pity me. Instead, my readers (peers, clinicians, practitioners and supporters), were inspired and amazed.

"Also (and this was an unexpected and unforeseen consequence), I felt a great relief and a new freedom that I’d never felt before. In producing it, my perspective had changed, and I had begun to see myself in a new light – as a person ‘who could’ rather than one ‘who couldn’t’."

Chief Executive Claire Murdoch says: "I would encourage everyone to read these inspiring journeys. They are full of hope, moving, and brave. Well done!"