Posted on: 23 January 2023

Great Mental Health Day is an opportunity for community groups and organisations across London to hold an event or get together and get people talking about mental health.

This year, Great Mental Health Day and Time to Talk Day are happening only 6 days apart and we’re encouraging everyone to celebrate both! The more we talk openly about mental health, the more likely we are to understand what others are going through.

Understanding how people truly feel and what their mental health is like is key in breaking down the stigma that can often be myths about certain mental health conditions.

Thrive London have created an interactive map so you can see what Great Mental Health Day activities are in your area -> click here to view.

A webinar by Good Thinking is taking place on Great Mental Health Day about looking after those around you. Click the image below to register your place.

Webinar link is also here:

Good Thinking provides free digital mental health support for Londoners. More infomration can be found here. 

Last year our mental health staff network created a campaign encouraging all staff to talk openly about their mental health so they can be their authentic selves at work. Join the campaign as part of your activities for the Great Mental Health Day. Click here for more infomration.