Posted on: 15 May 2020

If you weren’t able to tune in you can watch and listen here.

Volunteers from Young HealthWatch told CNWL’s One Community radio show that there was a still a long way to go, to end stigma around mental health problems.

In today’s show, speaking with host Cate Latto, 22 year old volunteer Rupert Bloom said that while he was struggling with a tough year in 2019, his friend suggested he try psychotherapy.

“I thought I got nothing to lose, so why not. I went through it (therapy) and it was very beneficial. I came out the other side a much stronger person,” he said.

But Rupert said he wished he had been more open with his family about needing help.

“I do regret not being more open to family members about what I was doing. I was very secretive in what I was doing. I’d say I was going somewhere else and fit my appointments around my work. I think that almost generational divide is a massive issue. I think it shows there’s so much more we can do to break the stigma. 

“I was just so fortunate that I had a great group of friends around me, because if you don’t have friends or family it can be very tough,” he said.

Earlier his co volunteer Jane Barraclough had said that there was still a long way to go to remove stigma. 

“The attitude that physical health should take priority over mental health is still ingrained in cultures all over the world. If you break your arm in this country naturally you’d go seek medical attention. But for many people it doesn’t apply with mental health. If they start experiencing symptoms of depression, there’s still very strong stigma stopping people from reaching out to a doctor like they would if they had a broken arm.”

The volunteers appeared on the show with Young Health Watch Chair Civan, and Alex Weston, Youth Project Coordinator at HealthWatch.

Our latest One Community Radio show featured an interactive programme packed with art and creativity, and exciting guest appearances to connect people and support wellbeing.

If you weren’t able to tune in you can watch and listen here.

There were guest appearances from Evvy Miller, Actress and co facilitator of Well Read, who continued her readings from Life of Pi. 

Artist Joy Girvin showed the One Community how to paint a dove, step by step; and Sue Wilson, Artist, talked about the connection between art and science. Stewart Permutt, Playwright and co facilitator of Well Written, performed a reading of Old Father William by Lewis Carroll.

Ganges Ward was featured as the Ward of the Week, and showed off an exhibition of patient-produced art, with Ellie Farnham, Activity Co ordinator and Ed Hickey Peer Support.

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