Posted on: 18 February 2021

Joint working between the Hillingdon Health and Care Partners is paying dividends.

The latest figures in two different areas of work – both involving CNWL staff - are showing that patients are leaving hospital beds sooner than they were previously and that CNWL’s community teams have delivered the Covid vaccine to all housebound patients, care home residents and staff.

The two areas of work involved working in collaboration with system partners.

The first involved the Integrated Discharge Team (IDT) led by CNWL, which has reduced the numbers of patients who have been in an acute bed at Hillingdon Hospital for 21 days or more days from 60 in December last year to 20 last month; it’s now at around 30 this month. 

Claire Eves, CNWL’s Associate Director for Outer London Services, said: “This is mainly due to whole systems partnership working and some key changes; further work is planned in the coming weeks.

“The changes included rostering our Senior Leadership into our IDT over the weekends to increase the number of discharges happening on Saturdays and Sundays, by going through patient lists and identifying and supporting those ready to leave hospital. 

“This freed up beds in the hospital for patients who no longer needed to be there and got them back to their own homes with suitable support or to rehab units and has helped in maintaining bed capacity over what has been a tough few months. Well done all!”

Joint working between CNWL’s community teams and Hillingdon’s GP Confederation has delivered a fantastic outcome in delivering the Covid 19 to housebound people and those living and working in care homes in Hillingdon.

All care homes in Hillingdon have been offered the vaccination, including most Mental Health and Learning Disability Care Homes.

To date our figures show:

  • 1,227 housebound people aged 18 or over. This is almost all eligible patients.
  • All care home residents and staff consenting to the vaccine have had their first dose
  • 84% of Hillingdon Residents aged 80yr+ have been vaccinated
  • 90% of Hillingdon Residents aged 75yr- 80yrs have been vaccinated
  • 84% of Hillingdon Residents aged 70yr- 74yrs have been vaccinated
  • People aged 60 or over are now being contacted and asked to book their vaccines.
  • In addition, more than 300 asylum seekers have also received their first vaccination. 

The video below shows us setting up the Housebound service and some of the staff/patients involved.