Posted on: 29 April 2021

CNWL is developing a new model of care for young adults aged 16-25. This programme is being delivered as part of the Trust’s commitment to implementing the NHS Long Term Plan. It is led by a small project team from across the CNWL divisions. We have also filled two new posts to help accelerate work on this project. We are delighted to welcome Anna Lucas as the new Service Development Lead and Dr Jovanka Tolmac as the new Clinical Lead.

Ahead of our next engagement workshop this May, the team wanted to share updates on the work done so far on young adults’ transformation and give our partners an idea of what’s coming next:

What have we done so far?

We invited young adults with experience of our services to take part in a co-production workshop, a survey and in-depth interviews. Through these channels, young adults could share their ideas on how services could be improved, what a new model of mental health care should look like and what they felt would have the most impact on the young adults. The team have also undertaken quantitative research with our partner Draper & Dash to collect data on the following areas:  

  • The transition between Children and Adolescent’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Adult Services
  • Analyses of first referral rates for 0-18 year olds compared to 18-25 year olds, across a range of different services including community, crisis, early intervention in psychosis and Talking Therapies (IAPT)
  • Occupancy breakdowns for CAMHS and Adult Acute Services
  • A deep dive into the ethnicity breakdown for 18-25 year olds across the mental health pathway

What’s happening next?

  • We are in the process of bringing the findings from these workshops and analyses to scope out a new, comprehensive offer
  • A follow-up workshop with partners and clinical and operational staff to discuss the information from these sessions will take place on Tuesday 11 May 2021
  • A project steering group designed to provide clinical oversight on the project is due to start meeting monthly
  • We are looking to also hold further sessions for local universities in May, in response to some of the emerging themes from young adults and partners

We would like to thank everyone for their engagement with this project so far and feel hopeful about the future of young adult’s mental health. Matthew Goodwin-Freeman, Co-chair of the Expert by Experience Advisory Group in Harrow, is one of the young adults helping with the project. He said: “finally, it is a relief to see the voices of young adults heard and respected. The 16-25 transitional mental health service will forever change the way services think and consider the complex needs of young adults. It is heartwarming to see service providers and young adults contributing and working collaboratively towards a common goal.”

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