Posted on: 21 March 2024

Colleagues from Mirembe Hospital recently visited some of CNWL’s community-based mental health and substance use services to get ideas on how they could set up their own community service. Currently, there is nothing of this kind in Tanzania, and patients often get caught up in a “revolving door” of hospital admissions because there is no support for them in their home communities.

The added challenge is that the Tanzanian Ministry of Health are not able to provide any additional resources for this new initiative, so they are having to think of innovative ways they can redistribute some of their existing hospital-based resources and skill up health colleagues in district hospitals across Tanzania.

CNWL will be supporting them in this process, so a big thank you to the teams who have hosted and welcomed our guests so far, and to those who will be hosting in the second half of the programme.

Tanzania Link - CNWL’s partnership with Mirembe Hospital

Since 2010, CNWL has maintained a healthcare partnership with Mirembe Hospital in Tanzania to help them improve and expand their mental health and substance use services. 

Last year, Chris Bumstead, Coordinator for CNWL International Healthcare Partnerships, visited Tanzania in an effort to develop a community based mental health care service with Mirembe Hospital. Read his blog Chris about his progress so far