Posted on: 17 April 2019

A spokesperson for CNWL said:

“Parkside was sold in March 2019 for £4.38m and the whole amount went to the NHS; there is no privatisation, no service reduction; services will increase.

We have been at Parkside for many years but it is no longer suitable for a clinic and the cost of bringing it up to standard was too high; so services have been moved.

The Adult Psychotherapy service – which has been there the longest – moved to the Pall Mall centre, behind St Charles hospital and is called Parkside at Pall Mall.

CAMHs moved to Beatrice Place in early March 2019 where there is already a CAMHs unit, in the centre of the borough.

The service is situated above our under 13s inpatient unit Collingham and can be reached by bus (52, 328 or 28) or tube to Earls Court or High Street Kensington, both of which are around a six or seven minute walk away. Bus is more direct. And whilst this location will be more difficult for some it will be easier for others from the borough.

Where families live close to Harrow Road or Portobello and they do not wish to travel to Beatrice Place, we can see them at Westminster CAMHS at Woodfield Road (near Westbourne Park Tube).

The opportunity to develop a CAMHS ‘hub’ at Beatrice Place for community and inpatient care will help attract more staff to work in CAMHS and also provide senior clinical support to the services.

Grenfell services are largely unaffected as those CAMHS services are delivered from St Charles Hospital and increasingly in schools and the community.

All primary schools within the K&C area have an allocated CAMHS clinician and many appointments now happen in schools, for example Oxford Gardens, Bevington Primary School, Arc Brunel. We intend to expand this.

The Under Fives service is offered to Cheyne and Homefield House Children’s Centres, where parents have access to a trained under Fives mental health specialist who can work with families and professionals worried about younger children’s development and attachment.

We intend that services for the children who live or go to school in north Kensington will be provided from a variety of settings in North Kensington, making use of rooms in:

  • The Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Hub
  • The Curve (to expand current sessions)
  • Schools
  • Beatrice Place
  • St Charles Hospital
  • Outreach to areas such as the PRU

We are piloting a scheme at GP Hubs in North Kensington (Balby Surgery and The Portland Road Practice). If successful, this model will be expanded.

We published a full statement in December 2018 – a response to the criticisms of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (on 6 December).

In hindsight, we accept that earlier engagement and more formalised discussions on this proposal would have been beneficial. We take this on board for any future service reconfigurations.

Our consultation focused on the benefits and disadvantages of moving to a more centralised hub at Beatrice Place, yet our intention is to see more young people and families in local settings across the borough.”



846 children and young people have been referred into CAMHS services to date. Treatment has commenced for 377 children. 228 children have completed their treatment.

Patients seen by K&C CAMHs:

Dec 2015 Dec 2016 Dec 2017 Dec 2018
629 525 630 690

In addition to the K&C service at Beatrice Place, for the whole borough, we have the following services:

CNWL Urgent Care developments 2018 to date 

Rapid response, more children seen in crisis by CAMHS trained staff. More support to Paediatrics at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St Mary’s Hospital. 24/7 service, admissions avoided.

Data – A&E prior to Urgent Care (2014 – 2018)

The previous level of demand prior to Urgent Care showed a total of 2,138 A&E referrals across all 5 Boroughs (in hours). Averaged across the year this equates to:

Day Week Month
2 10 41

Data – A&E and 7 day follow up (since Urgent Care was launched 29 January 2018)

Team Q1 18/19 Q2 18/19 Q3 18/19
Brent Harrow 247 163 191
Hillingdon 94 87 90
KCW 135 150 175

Data – A&E and 7 day follow up average contact per Day (D), Week (W) and Month (M)


Q1 18/19 (D/W/M)

Q2 18/19 (D/W/M)

Q3 18/19 (D/W/M)

Brent Harrow

D 4 W 20 M 82

D 3 W 14 M 54

D 3 W 16 M 63


D 2 W 8  M 31

D 1 W 7 M 29

D 2 W 8 M 30


D 2 W 11 M 45

D 2 W 9 M 38

D 2 W 11 M 44

Based on average figures from 2014-2018 (41 a month) the above data represents an 80% increase in referrals to the CAMHS crisis pathway.

CAMHS Eating Disorders

Service has been running for nearly three years and works closely with Chel West paediatrics for the refeeding element of the treatment which avoids long admissions a long way from home for these children.