3 June 2020

Volunteer staff from British Airways has set up their latest first class lounge for our staff in Hillingdon based at the Riverside Centre.

Staff members were treated to refreshments outdoors from members of the airline industry offering support to staff during the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Kayleigh Reid, Senior Peer Support Worker at the Riverside Centre in Hillingdon organised the launch and share photos on Twitter.

Staff enjoying project wingman.jpg

Kayleigh (pictured left) enjoying Project Wingman

She tweeted: “Absolutely in awe of the incredible @_ProjectWingman team who have transformed our MPR room into a first class lounge in a matter of hours. It’s wonderful to see our hardworking staff sit down and enjoy refreshments and some very pleasant conversations.”

Graeme Caul, Managing Director visited the team and tweeted: Such a pleasure to have the opportunity to thank @_ProjectWingman for supporting our staff. I know our staff will make greatuse of the first class service and encourage each and every one to take time out and enjoy the support and experience.”


Graeme with project wingman.jpg

Graeme Caul (pictured middle) travelled to Riverside Centre

Project Wingman pose on Riverside.jpg

Project Wingman staff set up their first class lounge