Posted on: 23 April 2020

Sensory walk 1.jpgA Milton Keynes Occupational Therapist (OT) has created a sensory walk for the waiting room in the Specialist CAMHS service in the Eaglestone Health Centre.Sensory walk 3.jpg

Mental Health Practitioner, Kate Clatworthy, had heard about another OT creating a sensory walk with chalk in the street she lived for everyone to use while out on their hourly exercise.

This inspired her to create her own sensory walk for the waiting room in the Milton Keynes Specialist Child and Adolescent Service to support the wellbeing of both the children and parents who attend as well as the staff members who work here.

Kate Clatworthy 3.jpgShe says: “We are based in the Eaglestone Health Centre which Kate Clatworthy 2.jpglooks very much like a hospital, the waiting room is very clinical and uninviting and there is no clear route to the reception. I created a sensory walk, which leads our patients to where they need to be whilst stimulating their sensory systems creating a sense of calm, alert and organisation in an otherwise anxiety provoking place.”

“During Covid-19 it has also created a sense of fun and play within the staff team and as well as an introduction into the sensory world!’

Team Manager Stacey Sharp added: “When Kate approached me about designing this, it was in the context of both staff wellbeing and brightening up our waiting room for young people.

“During the Covid-19 outbreak, it is easy to focus on the changes, that have come at pace and whilst we are adapting and “rolling with it”, it is amazing to see how this has generated some fun and distraction for everyone and it is really nice to hear some laughter during this difficult time.”