Posted on: 8 June 2020


As the third Grenfell anniversary approaches, we want you to know that we’re still here for you.

This year is even more difficult as we’re in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. For all of us this has changed how we live, and with social distancing, it means that the community cannot gather together to grieve in person. But that does not mean that people are alone in their grief.

The community is together in heart and spirit and there are things that we can do remotely to stay connected and keep safe.

You can get helpful information on this in our Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service leaflet below.

Looking after yourself during the Grenfell anniversary (opens PDF)

How you may feel

Leading up to the anniversary you may reexperience strong emotions or changes to normal patterns of living like eating and sleeping. You may also be worrying about the coronavirus, and your health and the health of loved ones. News about the spread of the coronavirus may also worry you further, and it’s normal to experience emotional difficulties.

There are things you can do to look after yourself, and we’ve mentioned some helpful tips in the leaflet above.

How to reach the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service 

Over the anniversary weekend you can call us if you need support, or advice, or you feel worried about yourself or someone you know.

Our therapists will be ready to speak with you over the phone or video call.

Call 020 8637 6279 (8am to 8pm)            

For out of hours support please call the CNWL Urgent Advice line on 0800 0234 650 

Other helpful resources

Three tips for coping during the coronavirus outbreak for young people with autism and learning disabilities (video)

How to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic if you have experienced trauma (video)

(Arabic) How to get support during the corona virus outbreak if you like in Kensington & Chelsea, Paddington or Queens Park (opens PDF)


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