Posted on: 25 March 2020



Today CNWL – your local NHS Trust - is launching an appeal, where you can show support  for the dedicated NHS staff who are working in the fight against the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are facing what has become our greatest public health emergency .

The outbreak of respiratory infections caused by the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is putting pressure on our NHS.

CNWL (which covers London, Milton Keynes and areas beyond) is prepared to cope with this healthcare emergency but staff need your support to keep them and the community well

The NHS remains open, and CNWL is expanding its offer, changing services to meet the need. Staff are working long shifts, in trying times. Community staff play a vital role in addressing loneliness and isolation among individuals who are self-isolating and social distancing – perhaps being the only human contact the individual may have all day.

We want to show our staff appreciation for everything they do

Donate today to provide

  • Equipment to support those in the most need – such as books and games for mental health wards or a tablet so a community nurse can see her family
  • Resources and support for the wider community.
  • Appreciation for staff

Your donation will support the most vulnerable communities

Our staff provide care to some of the most vulnerable and marginalised individuals in society; they are there throughout a person’s life, through physical and mental health difficulties in hospitals, in the community and in a person’s home.

Coronavirus adds additional pressure on staff who may also become ill and have family who are vulnerable at home, while at the same time making it even more important that they are able to deliver these vital services.

The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund is committed to doing everything we can to support our fantastic NHS staff who are doing all they can to help. With your support, we can provide emergency funds to help them cope during this challenging time.

Please take a moment to donate whatever you can to our emergency coronavirus (COVID-19) appeal at this link