Posted on: 23 April 2020


Patricia (left) Carol (right) pictured

Carol Howard from the Immunisation Team based at Peckwater is retiring next week after dedicating 40 years each of administrative NHS service.

Carol who currently works as an Immunisation Admin Co-ordinator has spent the last ten years supporting the Immunisation team which has grown and developed to cover seven London boroughs. 

She is well known for her unique style of purple hair and wearing Dr Martens.

Her colleagues describe her to have a “wonderful manner dealing with the public and schools. She is a friendly, helpful voice at the end of the telephone for parents and is well known by the schools contacts.”

Patricia Stephens, Immunisation Team Service Lead, who is also celebrating 40 years of NHS services works closely with Carol and praised her for being a ‘real problem solver’.

Patricia said: “Carol is retiring to pastures new but still giving part of her time to the NHS when she starts her new part time role in a local GP surgery. She will be very missed by all her colleagues.”

Together they started in CNWL after moving from PCT in 2011. Over the years they’ve helped to start up the HPV vaccination program.

Colleagues would describe Patricia as an Immunisation Queen.

She has no plans to retire yet, but says she ‘would miss all her friends’ when she does.