Posted on: 7 September 2023

CNWL’s Chair, Tom Kibasi, took the reins for our AGM on 6 September 2023, his first since becoming Chair of the Trust in April.

The first in person meeting in three years, Tom said he was honoured to follow in the footsteps of Professor Dot Griffiths and committed to taking on the stewardship of the Trust.

He presented our highlights film, emphasising the reach and impact of our services across London, Surrey and Milton Keynes. The Annual Report, as well as our summary of the Annual Report were also presented to the governors.

The fallout of the Lucy Letby case was touched on throughout the AGM, as well as what this means for the NHS. Tom said:

“The values and culture within the organisation are what truly bind CNWL together. Openness and inclusivity at all times. Patients, staff and communities can tell us when we’ve got it right but also when we haven’t, and we do something about it.

“It’s the job of each of us to bring the best of CNWL to all of our patients, all the time.”

Tom highlighted the Trust’s commitment to wellbeing, sharing his personal connection to the refugee experience and stressed the importance of creating diverse and inclusive work environments.

In her forward view Chief Executive, Claire Murdoch, also spoke to the Letby case:

“All NHS Trusts should be open and outward looking. Thanks to every service user, carer and staff member who involves themselves in the leadership of the organisation. Never say sorry for challenging. I want us to be a Trust where there is no fear in speaking up.”

Claire went on to outline the main challenges and priorities facing the Trust, giving a flavour of what will be most important in the year ahead.

Claire encouraged all attendees, whether formal leaders or not, to participate in shaping the Trust's future. She said we “need to double down on our Strategy”, making sure what we have learnt is adopted.

A specific strand of work will be around neurodevelopmental conditions, and staff who are neurodiverse. “Staff are the lifeblood of the organisation. We will invest in you,” she said.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Cornelius Kelly and Chief Nurse, Maria O’Brien spoke about the Trust’s continuous commitment to quality improvement.

“It’s about empowering patients and staff to speak up when things need improving, and to make sure we carry out those changes. We’re trying to sort out the pebble in their shoes not in our shoes. We want projects that make a difference to lives.”

Community engagement efforts and care were highlighted at the end of the evening, showcasing the impact of four initiatives across the Trust:

  • Silver Triage North Central London
  • Brent Health Matters
  • Redesigning pathways to support families through the diagnostic pathway for autism spectrum disorder
  • Building the Foundation: Hillingdon Health Visiting