Posted on: 11 January 2021

Diljit Sidhu (pictured) has started work as CNWL’s Head Dietitian.

Dr Ryan Kemp, Director Therapies, said, “I am thrilled that we have added a Head Dietitian to our Therapies leadership team. 

“CNWL has expanded its dietitian services substantially in the last year, with teams from Camden and Ealing joining us. Diljit is a member of one of Ealing dietician teams and comes with substantial experience across a number of areas. He will be reaching out to our dietician teams, but and those in other Teams  in our  other locations.”

Diljit Sidhu, said, “I am a practicing specialist dietitian with 28 years NHS experience, encompassing 10 years in leading a team and 15 years as a British Dietetic Association trade union representative.  I have worked at various levels within the NHS from frontline clinical to a boardroom executive and have demonstrated through engagement, reflection and capturing evidence, how to improve outcomes and patient experience. 

“I currently work as the diabetes specialist dietitian leading a multi-disciplinary education team within Ealing Diabetes Service. 

“I am proud the diabetes education service has been recognised regionally and hope to export the themes of success further as professional head of dietetics within CNWL. 

“My key interests lie in exposing talent through supporting staff and recognising innovation. I hope to motivate and inspire dietitians within the Trust.  Building and strengthening the role dietitians play will be one of my personal goals; growing locally and becoming a site for excellence for student training is another measure to my promise to the Trust. 

NHS Allied Health Professionals are remarkable and have demonstrated resilience in challenging times such as these. I hope to explore and partner with CNWL dietitians to shine light on their work. 

My first challenge for 2021 is to network with my dietetic colleagues. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything I do both professionally and personally.  So I am calling all dietitians to reveal yourselves to me within CNWL and in the coming weeks and months I hope to be in contact.   

My contact details (working days: Monday (am), Wednesday and Thursday (am))