These governors represent the interests of Trust staff members to the Council of Governors.

Photo of Lisa Oluyinka

Nastaran Sepanj.jpegI’ve been a registered Dietitian for 9 years with a passion for not just treating illnesses but also preventing them. As well as working for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust in Ealing for three years I have also been a resident of the Borough of Hillingdon for 20 years. Therefore I am applying to contribute to the council of governors as an AHP staff member whilst also offering a service user’s perspective.

I celebrate the successful patient experiences whilst equally embracing constructive feedback enabling our service to offer a better patient experience.  By being a member of the council, I want to be an advocate for working collaboratively, valuing and complimenting other disciplines. I aspire to gain a better understanding of how a large NHS foundation is managed behind the scenes and to learn transferable skills that further enhance my ability to promote the important role of AHPs in such an organisation.

Surjeet Mann.jpegSurjeet Mann has been working in the field of Addictions for the last 20 years. During this time Surjeet has worked closely with people whose lives have been affected by substance misuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, ill health, homelessness, mental health problems and those involved within the criminal justice system. Surjeet is currently based at ARC in Hounslow and works as a ‘Parental Alcohol Outreach Worker’.

Surjeet strives to help others by connecting in meaningful ways and having had her own adverse experiences is motivated to help others overcome challenges, by establishing new ways of thinking and being.

Previously Surjeet worked as a Team Leader on the Reach Day Programme and soon after starting in the field of Addictions, completed a Diploma in Psychological Counselling at the University of Roehampton.

Preceding her work in Substance Misuse, Surjeet engaged in many ventures including training as a soldier with the Territorial Army.

Dr Talha Ahmed.jpeg

I am honoured to have been elected to the team of staff governors.

I have always believed that teamwork is more powerful than individual effort in being a driving force for positive change. It has always been an aspiration of mine to help others having been inspired myself by my mother, after losing my father at a very young age.

I was brought up in a well educated family from Pakistan. Since coming to the UK I have been actively involved in charitable work and social activism on a grassroots level.

I have a wealth of experience in both medicine and team management, and shall use the skills I have harnessed to make improvements within the trust. My aim is to focus on bringing about better working and social environments that will improve staff and patient experiences