The following is a list of PhDs in dance movement psychotherapy undertaken from 1995 onwards, with links to download theses where available.

Title: The DMT group as personal development in training in higher education
Author: Payne, Helen
Awarding institution: University of London, Institute of Education

Title: Trauma, gender and performance: theorizing the body of the survivor
Author: Whitehead, Anne
Awarding institution: University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Title: Recovery for child sexual abuse trauma within an arts therapies programme for women
Author: Meekums, Bonnie
Awarding institution: University of Manchester, Faculty of Education

Title: Movement as a psychophysical process: the interrelationships between the psyche and the body
Author: Bloom, Katya
Supervisor(s): Alvarez, Dr Anne; Satyamurti, Dr Carole
Awarding institution: University of East London, Department of Social Sciences; Tavistock Clinic

Title: Hidden voices - a study of the use of dance movement with war affected refugee children in post-war Serbia, former Yugoslavia (2001-2002)
Author: Singer, Allison Jane
Supervisor(s): Buckland, Prof. Theresa; Bianchini, Dr Franco
Awarding institution: De Montfort University

Title: Rejoining the stream of life: an integrated model of trauma group therapy combining dance-movement psychotherapy and somatic experiencing, for older women suffering from spouse abuse
Author: Tal, Meirav
Awarding institution: Anglia Ruskin University

Title: Shared habitats: the mover witness paradigm
Author: Goldhahn, Eila
Supervisor: Cowie, Prof. Dr Edward
Awarding institution: University of Plymouth/Dartington College of Arts
Keywords: authentic movement; interdisciplinary; mover witness exchange; performance; visual art