Hillingdon Podiatry Service provides assessment, treatment and advice for people with skin, nail or mechanical foot problems and people with diabetes as per the clinical criteria listed in the ‘who is the service for’ button below.

Patients need to be registered with a Hillingdon general practitioner (GP).

Patients fall into four main groups, and are given short- or long-term treatment plans in line with individual needs. These include:

  1. Patients who need an intensive course of treatment which leads to cure and discharge, for example, nail surgery.
  2. Patients who need a short course of treatment leading to discharge, for example, treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions, such as orthotics.
  3. High-risk patients who need ongoing surveillance and management in order to prevent serious limb-threatening complications, for example, neuro/ischaemic diabetics.
  4. High-risk patients who need routine maintenance and treatment e.g. patients with rheumatoid conditions.

Times may vary according to clinic location. We operate an appointments-only service. 

Services are provided in a number of clinics across the London Borough of Hillingdon. More information will be provided with your appointment details.

We can arrange home (domiciliary) visits for housebound patients and a transport service is available to patients who are immobile but not housebound. 

The Podiatry Service only accepts referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals that meet its clinical criteria. The Royal College of Podiatry website also provides the option to find a registered podiatrist in your local area  https://cop.org.uk

Bus: 102, 222, 350, U5

Train: Great Western Railway

Tube: Metropolitan, Piccadilly