At this session, we will assess your child in a friendly and fun environment. Your child will not be aware that they are being assessed. Please bring the completed patient registration form and case history that you would have been sent to you prior to the appointment. The therapist will discuss these with you at the assessment.

You can expect the assessment to run as follows:

  • You and your child will be given a chance to settle and feel at ease. There will be activities set up for you and your child. There may also be other families in your assessment
  • The therapist will talk to you about your child's general development, discuss why your child has been referred, how they communicate with you and other people and any concerns you have
  • The therapist will observe your child playing and may join in, if your child is happy for them to do so
  • In the observation, the therapist will assess what your child understands and is saying through play and then discuss that with you
  • The therapist may use books and pictures with your child, as part of the assessment.

Once the assessment is finished, the therapist will explain whether your child needs speech and language therapy and what they think would be the best therapy for your child. You will also be given a chance to put forward your views. The next steps will then be agreed. This will be your child's care plan.

Parents are expected to be heavily involved in their child's therapy because they are with them everyday. The therapist will give you ideas of what you can do at home to help your child. It is important that you follow this advice and start to make the small changes that are suggested because it will really help develop their child's speech and language skills.

After the assessment, the speech and language therapist will write a report. This report will contain the following information:

  • Your child's current speech, language and communication needs
  • A description of what will happen next (the care plan)
  • Advice on how you can help your child at home until the next therapy sessions.

This report will be sent to:

  • You, the parents
  • Your GP
  • The person who referred your child to the team
  • Your child's nursery or school
  • Any other professional working with your child.

We will ask for your permission before sending the report to the nursery/school and other professionals. It will be important for the nursery/school to receive this report so that they can follow the same activities for your child at school.

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