Posted on: 7 August 2020

From next week, CNWL staff members will receive a personalised thank you card through the post to show the Trust’s appreciation of their hard work and dedication in dealing with the Covid19 outbreak.

The ‘thank you’ goes to over 7,000 staff members and our bank and honorary staff who filled in gaps, and took on extra shifts making over 9,000 thank yous. All kept services running through the pandemic.

Signed by Professor Dorothy Griffiths OBE, Chair, and Claire Murdoch CBE, Chief Executive, the card features a gold medal.

Part of the card reads:

“You answered the call so patients could be cared for. It was a worrying and frightening time but you served; every contribution made the NHS workforce an inspiration and you created a particle of that.

This should hold a place of pride in your CVs, as lasting testimony to your dedication to others and the humanity you showed when the summons was made.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you, you deserve a medal.”


Last month, Claire Murdoch wrote to the relatives of our staff members to say how much we appreciate them ‘loaning’ their family member to us whilst dealing with everything the pandemic threw at us. Read more here

Many staff are now taking well-earned breaks but we’re still providing safe services – distancing, masks and coverings and regular testing.

Part of being ready for a possible new wave means we’re already thinking of changes we may need to make so we have set up a First Responder’s Team.

These are staff who can be trained to be redeployed to wherever they are needed. The roles are voluntary and so far we have 150 volunteers!

During the first peak of Covid-19, the Trust increased capacity in some of our core services staff responding directly to the outbreak including rapid response, palliative care and district nursing.

Graeme Caul, Managing Director for Goodall, CNWL’s biggest Division, said: “It’s a formal but personal thank you to each person, saying just how fantastic everyone has been during Covid-19, they deserve a huge thank you – they deserve a medal! This is a small way of showing our gratitude for coming  to work every day and delivering incredible care to the public.”

“The First Responders scheme shows how dedicated staff are and how preparations  like this make us ready for whatever the future brings – hoping for the best but prepared in case.”

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