The following is a list of PhDs in art therapy undertaken from 1972 onwards, with links to download theses where available.

Title: Art therapy: a personal appraisal
Author: Waller, Diane E.
Awarding institution: Royal College of Art

Title: Art therapy as an approach to mental handicap
Author: Males, J.M.
Awarding institution: University of Surrey

Title: Transference and countertransference in art therapy: mediation, interpretation and the aesthetic object
Author: Schaverien, Joy
Awarding institution: City of Birmingham Polytechnic
Keywords: analytical art; psychotherapy; art; psychology; philosophy; religion

Title: Archetypal psychology and traditional Ghanian beliefs: towards the construction of a cross-cultural model of art therapy
Author: Yakubu Peligah, Seidu
Awarding institution: Birmingham City University

 Art therapy and the development of communicative abilities in children with autism
Author: Evans, Kathleen Raymonde
Awarding institution: University of Hertfordshire

Title: Art, psychotherapy and psychosis: the nature and the politics of art therapy
Author: Wood, Chris
Awarding institution: University of Sheffield

Title: An investigation into the processes of supervision of art therapy students in Israel
Author: Kamar, Ofra
Awarding institution: University of Sussex
Country: United Kingdom

Title: An inquiry into the relationship between the visual arts and psychotherapy in post-revolutionary Cuba
Author: Hills, Margaret
Awarding institution: Queen Margaret University
Country: United Kingdom

Title: Art therapy in education for children with specific learning difficulties who have experienced stress and/or emotional trauma
Author: Óttarsdóttir, Unnur
Awarding institution: University of Hertfordshire

Title: Is art therapy?:  art for mental health at the millennium
Author: Brown, Langley
Awarding institution: Manchester Metropolitan University

Title: Liminality, cancer and art therapy: an autoethnographic exploration - living with the tiger
Author: Sibbett, C. H.
Awarding institution: Queen's University of Belfast

Title: Towards ethical 'arts of existence': through art therapy and narrative therapy
Author: Linnell, Sheridan
Awarding institution: University of Western Sydney; College of Arts
Keywords: art therapy; narrative therapy; poststructuralism; arts; therapeutic use

Title: Cultural variables affecting client/therapist consonance: the perception of efficacy in arts therapies groups
Author: Dokter, Ditty
Awarding institution: University of Hertfordshire

Title: Drawing on the end of life: art therapy, spirituality and palliative care: a retrospective ethnographic study of meaning-making in art therapy
Author: Bell, Simon Nicholas
Awarding institution: University of Sheffield

Title: The psychodynamic body: a mythos of psychotherapy
Author: Hueneke, Anna
Awarding institution: University of Western Sydney; College of Arts; School of Psychology
Keywords: psychotherapy; psychodynamic psychotherapy; art therapy

Title: The effectiveness of art therapy in reducing symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and stress: a meta-analysis
Author: Campbell, Emma R.
Awarding institution: Wheaton College Graduate School, Illinois, USA

Title: Family assessment and interactive art exercise: an integrated model
Author: Hanney, Lesley
Supervisors:  Carr, Adrian;  Westwood, Jill
Awarding institution: University of Western Sydney; College of Arts
Keywords: family psychotherapy; child psychotherapy; art therapy

Title: Hybrid creatures: mapping the emerging shape of art therapy education in Australia
Author: Westwood, Jill
Awarding institution: Goldsmiths College (University of London); University of Western Sydney
Keywords: art therapy education; theories; Australia; qualitative study; bricolage; hybrid creatures

Title: An investigation of the relationship art and talk in art therapy groups
Author: Skaife, Sally Elizabeth
Awarding institution: City University

Title: 'Reunion of broken parts' (Arabic al-jabr): a therapist's personal art practice and its relationship to an NHS outpatient art psychotherapy group: an exploration through visual arts and crafts practice
Author: Mahony, Jacqueline Eleanor
Awarding institution: Goldsmiths College (University of London)

Title: Disciplinary understandings of anorexia nervosa: art therapy and psychiatric research from a feminist perspective
Author: Rehavia-Hanauer, Dafna
Awarding institution: University of Derby
Supervisor:  Hogan, Dr Susan

Title: Effectiveness of school based art therapy for children who have experienced psychological trauma
Author: Markland, Frances Elizabeth
Awarding institution: University of Manchester

Title: Looking for a subject: art therapy and assessment in autism
Author: Tipple, Robin A.
Awarding institution: Goldsmiths, University of London

Title: Art psychotherapy and congenital blindness: investigating the gaze
Author: Herrmann, U. K.
Awarding institution: Goldsmiths College (University of London)

Title: The dynamics of proto-metaphorisation: investigating the processes that lead to implicit metaphorisation in art psychotherapy with patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
Author: Havsteen-Franklin, Dominik
Supervisor:  Hinshelwood, Prof. Robert
Awarding institution: University of Essex, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Title: A descriptive and evaluative study of arts therapists’ practice with adults faced with depression in the UK
Author: Zubala, Ania
Awarding institution: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh