The service accepts referrals from Hillingdon registered GPs. Please contact your healthcare professional for a referral.

The service will triage referrals to make sure they are appropriate.

Patients who have already received physiotherapy for the same problem with minimal benefit will be reassessed by a physiotherapist and further treatment given only if appropriate.

The service is not able to treat problems requiring other special clinical expertise, or different treatment environments. For example:

  • Conditions requiring intensive rehabilitation, such as head or spinal injuries, amputation, acute multi‚ÄĎarthritis, primary neurology
  • Respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD), or asthma.
  • Overriding mental health problems affecting perception or compliance (this is because there are occasions when physiotherapists are working alone in a clinic)
  • Children under five years of age with musculoskeletal conditions are assessed and treated by the Paediatric Physiotherapy Team at the Child Development Centre.