We define recovery as the personal journey people with different mental health experiences take to rebuild, re-discover their strengths and live meaningful, hopeful and satisfying lives.

For some people the concept of recovery is about taking and staying in control of their lives, despite experiencing mental or physical health challenges. Self-management and self-determination are the foundations of recovery as people define their own goals and plan their own journey towards these goals.

Having a sense of wellbeing is an integral part of the recovery journey. Wellbeing incorporates connecting with people, being active, taking notice of what is around you, learning and giving.

Although clinical recovery may be included in this journey the aims and aspirations of personal recovery are far more extensive. Recovery is holistic and embraces the whole person, including their mind, body, spirit and community. It gives people the opportunity to reach their full potential. People facing mental and physical health challenges develop their own definition of recovery.

Video: What recovery means to you

This video is a short montage of one-word answers by CNWL staff, services users and peer recovery trainers expressing their personal definitions of recovery.

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